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Competitive Teams

Local, regional and out of state competition team experiences are available. Competition teams have been the backbone of the Diamonds and Pearls organization since 1999.

Competitive Teams

This program is designed for dancers that have a competitive spirit and love to showcase their skills in a team environment. All dancers will participate in the team placement process in a rehearsal setting. Team placement dates are listed in the Parent Playbook and Diamonds and Pearls Parent Portal.

Levels will be determined by age, and dancer readiness by the assigned coaching staff conducting the placement sessions. Dancers will be notified if they lack dancer readiness and need additional classes before being a part of a competitive team setting. Team genres include Pom, Jazz Contemporary / Lyrical and Hip Hop.

** Competitive dancers will be required to enroll in our Dance Technique and Ballet classes.**

Team Divisions will mirror studio dance divisions and may be adjusted from time to time to fit event producer requirements.

Team Divisions
Petite: Ages 4-5
Petite: Ages 6-7
Petite: Ages 7-8
Juniors: Ages 9-11
Teens: Ages 12-14
Seniors: Ages 15-19

Annual Registration Fee: $50
Monthly Tuition Fee: $30*
Competition Fees: range from $150 -$400 and depend on the level, age, quantity of events and genre type.*

Additional fees will apply for year end competitions and range from $100 - $500 depending on bid and credit awards.

*Fundraisers are available year round to offset tuition, classes and competitive fees.

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